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Therapy for Kids

I use sandtray as one of the ways kids can creatively express themselves by playing.  They will pick small items and miniatures to place in the sand and begin moving it around and creating an imaginary world that they can talk about and show what they are thinking and feeling.  


Kids experience therapy by playing.  Play is their language to express themselves, and when they are able to creatively and expressively use this language they can get past some of the tougher things they are experiencing

Expressive Therapy

Kids will also express themselves through drawing, writing, or playing with items such as puppets or toys.  

Sandtray, Play, and Expressive Therapies for Kids Can Help them  Improve their Lives 

It allows them to use their natural language of play to help them feel accepted, understood and heard.  It can also help them to start feeling better.


Your child is important and they can play at their own pace.

It’s not always easy  for kids to manage big emotions and tough situations, but the good news is that it's possible for them start feeling better.   I have the experience to help you and help them.


Take The Next Step, Reach Out For Your Free Consultation

I will do my best to help your child and your family get through this.  Reach out to me for your free 15-minute consultation at phone or by emailing me on the link below.  I'm here for you.

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