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What should I do if I didn’t get the reminder with the link?

Contact me if you did not get the link so I can send it to you via email or secure messaging.


What is SimplePractice? 

SimplePractice, LLC is my practice management software for scheduling, case management, telehealth, and therapy notes. SimplePractice, LLC, uses a HIPAA compliant software so your information will be securely kept. 


What can I do to improve the quality of the connection? 

If you live in an area with slow internet, this can really affect the speed of your connection. Here are some basic steps that can improve the overall quality:

• Use wired Ethernet instead of wifi whenever possible. Wifi will work, but you may experience a lag and interference, which can make your video and audio choppy. Wired internet will give you a much smoother, more consistent experience.

• Test your internet connection speed. Google provides an easy way to test your internet connection directly from the google homepage. Simply search: internet speed test. Click the blue button that says Run Speed Test. If it is under 10mbps and you’re using wifi, try using a wired internet connection or restarting your router.

• Close other programs. If you have several programs running in the background, closing them will almost certainly improve the quality. Also, make sure you’re not downloading any large files.

If you are unable to connect, please contact me as soon as possible to see if I can help you troubleshoot. 


Where’s the best place to do a video call?

When deciding the best place in your home, you will want to choose a space that is private and away from household members, coworkers, pets or any other potential distractions. Here are some additional recommendations: 

• Adjust your light. Some small lighting tweaks that can have a huge impact include placing a lamp or other light source behind your monitor, pointed toward you. Also, make sure you don’t have too much light behind you. If you’re on a laptop, make sure the camera is at eye level and not pointing up at the ceiling lights, or down at the floor. 

• Choose a quiet, private location. Identify a suitable room that is quiet, private, and free of distractions. To keep background noise to a minimum, close any doors and shut any windows. 

• Clothing: Even though you may not be leaving your home, you must be dressed during your telehealth sessions, since it is a professional service. 


Is Telehealth private? 

Just like a face-to-face appointment, your Telehealth visit will be private and confidential. 


Can I call if I am traveling out of State? 

No.  Telehealth regulation requires that you are in the state of Illinois for the session.  If you are traveling out of state, session please let your provider know and your session will be rescheduled when you are back in town.

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