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Support that begins with hope...

Need help getting past roadblocks in your life? I offer an atmosphere of support, compassion, acceptance, and empathy. 

If you are battling sadness, anxiety, trauma or other life  circumstances, I understand how difficult it can be.  

Getting help from a counselor like me can help you talk freely about what’s bothering you.

Take The Next Step Towards Getting Help:

Let's discover how I can help. I'm here for you.

Counseling Services Offered

Get the Most out of Life

Counseling can help you get past some of the things you may be struggling with, such as feeling sad, worried, panicked, trauma, and/or relational issues. 

These are a few of the ways counseling can help:


  • Identify issues

  • Help you set healthy boundaries

  • Help you cope with challenges

  • Improve your mental health

  • Identify and communicate needs and wants

  • Help you build resilience

  • Help you gain self-awareness

  • Give you a place to be yourself and express your thoughts and feelings

Turn Challenges into Advantages

As a teen, you may have many challenges including peer pressure, getting good grades, social media, getting along with friends and family,  and many other things.   

You are not alone, counseling can help you:


  • Learn to deal with tough situations

  • Talk about difficult feelings

  • Feel better about yourself

  • Help you to relax

  • Learn how to ask for what you need 

  • Help you to deal with friends and family

Confetti Storm


Kids can experience big emotions and have trouble dealing with them.

Counseling can help kids manage their emotions:

  • Help them feel better

  • Express what is bothering them

  • Learn coping skills

  • Help  parents to support their kids




Reach out to get your free 15-minute phone consultation. During your free consultation call, you can share a bit about what's going on and I can answer any questions you might have. To get your free 15-minute phone consultation. 

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